FFOF – #83

In FFOF on July 17, 2009 at 11:58 am

First, an early morning confession: I’m eating fiber added Pop-Tart right now.  I don’t “make” breakfast for my family, it’s more of a “what do you want me to stick in the toaster” kind of experience.  I’ll make it up to them tonight with the planned pizza…

#1. TheSaladCaper’s question. Give me one weird food combination which has always been your comfort food.

Egg noodles with ketchup – my husband says the smell makes him want to vomit.

#2. Name a food that begins with B.

Bibimbap – I’ve never made it but it seems like a great idea.

#3. Name a drink that begins with B.

Bombay Saphire

#4. Share  a recipe for something that calls for broccoli.

I like my broccoli really simple: Cut into florets; Steam; Serve with butter.


  1. I have a cousin who eats ketchup on everything though I am not sure about noodles

  2. Ketchup scares me LOL but I’ll put chilly anything on anything, hence my nickname Chili Queen.

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