Grilled Vegetables with Mixed Greens and Blue Cheese Dressing

In Dinner, Seasonal Eating on July 15, 2009 at 12:58 am


Tonight was the perfect night for grilling (according to my husband) – nice and cool so standing in front of the grill was no big deal.  This recipe features many of the beautiful vegetables available this time of year.  I chose to omit the fennel (just not a fennel fan) and the mushrooms (for my husband as payment for services rendered).  I added grilled eggplant, used Vidalia onions, and regular beets instead of baby beets.  Then, there is the dressing – my husband declared that he could take a bath in it, he liked it so much.  I wouldn’t go that far but it was definitely a highlight of the meal.  Shout out to Claire for inviting me back to her house last night after mahjong to pick lettuce – can’t get much fresher than that. 

Is there one food that you love so much, you’d want to take a bath/swim in?


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