Four Foods On Friday (FFOF)

In FFOF on July 10, 2009 at 5:28 pm

I’m always looking at MemeGRL’s FFOF and figured I should actually post instead of just answering the questions in my head.

#1. Lynne’s question. Do you cook items besides meat on the bbq grill, and, do you prefer gas or charcoal grills?

Yes, definitely.  I love to do vegetable kebabs (in fact, that’s what’s on tap for Sunday!). 

Charcoal is what we have, although I know my husband would love a dual charcoal-gas grill.

#2. Name a food that begins with A.

Anchovy (first thing that popped into my head)

#3. Name a drink that begins with A.


#4. Share  a recipe for something that calls for American Cheese.

I’ll need to call my mother and get the specifics, but Tuna Noodle Casserole is a favorite from my childhood.  Basically, it’s canned tuna, elbow macaroni, milk, and American Cheese mixed up and baked in the oven.  It’s one of those uber-cheap but really filling meals my mom made so often when we were growing up.


  1. I never thought of anchovy. LOL The tuna casserole sounds yummy!

  2. I have never had an anchovy.

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