Super E-Z Fish Tacos

In Lunch on July 9, 2009 at 5:33 pm


Something different for lunch today.   I can’t remember where but I once saw a recipe for fish tacos based around frozen fish sticks.  Since I have those in the freezer (my daughter was eating them for a while, then stopped), I decided to use them as well as some of the leftover cabbage from the grilled fish sandwiches and make fish tacos for us.  I cut out some little “tortillas” from bigger tortillas and made a quick, Latin-inspired slaw.

The slaw was made as follows:

1/4 head of cabbage, shredded, salted, and squeezed dry

1/2 Tbsp lime juice

21 g of mayo

Adobo sauce to taste

The result, so very tasty.  This a great lunch and and a great way to utilize things I already had in the house.

  1. Super smart! Gussy it up just a bit and it is contest ready. Totally jealous: not a male in my house eats cooked fish (and three guesses who eats the sushi).

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