Menu Plan Monday, Part I

In Menu Plan Monday on July 6, 2009 at 1:32 am

In the summer months, my menu planning is a little kooky because I focus my meals around when I pick up my produce order from Hickory Lane Farm.  Since I get the list of what is available on Monday night’s and pick up my order on Wednesday morning, from May through November my menu plan goes from Wednesday – Tuesday.  The rest of the year, I stick to a Friday – Thursday plan based on when I do the bulk of my shopping.  I’m going to list out what I’m planning for our dinners (I don’t plan breakfasts and lunches – my daughter only eats a few things and my husband, well he can fend for himself) and then add a post each evening with the link/recipe for that dinner with pictures/commentary.  Also, keep a watch on my Twitter feed for any food-related insights/general musings I have during the day.

7/1 – Instant Potato Gnocchi with Summer Vegetables

7/2 – Asian Noodle Salad with Marinated Tofu

7/3 – Dinner out

7/4 – BBQ at the in-laws

7/5 – BBQ Sunday: Whole Chicken, Oil and Vinegar Potato Salad, Grilled Corn

7/6 – Fresh Vegetable Quesadilla

7/7 – Grilled Fish Sandwiches

What’s on your menu for the week?

Need inspiration, check out the menus posted at I’m an Organizing Junkie!


  1. I love gnocchi! There was this terrific Italian bistro that made it from scratch. It was amazing.
    Watching Barefoot Contessa making a fennel and orange salad. I love her cookbooks!
    Have a terrific weekend!

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